Where is the real Russian scandal?

“I think we are on the edge of the greatest corruption scandal in American history. The first thing Congress should do is demand that every single dollar donated to the Clinton Foundation and its charity initiatives be made public to show exactly where the Clintons derived their money.” Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, writing on FoxNews.com, 10/27/17

By David Rogers

It is estimated that the Mueller investigation on so-called Trump campaign collusion with the Russians has exceeded twenty million taxpayer dollars spent. With a relatively unlimited budget and nine months of investigations, Mueller has come up with … nothing. Well next to nothing. Paul Manafort and a low-level campaign volunteer named Papadopolous were charged with numerous offenses unrelated to the official dealings of the Trump campaign. After all efforts of Mueller’s team, if this is the best they come up with it amounts to a big waste of taxpayer money and time.

Meanwhile, revelations are pouring forth, with actual documentation, of the Clinton State Department working closely with the Russians to help them obtain control of 20% of U.S uranium deposits (along with Canadian based Uranium One’s mining interests in Kazakhstan). Liberal press wonks label this whole scheme as a diversion, but reports forthcoming are revealing a real network of pay-for-play corruption that point to the Clinton State Department, the Clinton Foundation and Obama’s White House.

According to reports by The Hill, Fox News and others, the cast of characters implicated in these goings-on include Obama, Clinton, James Comey, Eric Holder, Rod Rosenstein (the current Deputy Attorney General), John Podesta (then Obama’s Chief of Staff and future Clinton campaign manager), his brother Tony Podesta, Huma Abedin and Mueller himself. In fact, it is reported that Mueller was the one who brought uranium samples to Russia personally at Clinton’s behest to close the deal in  2009.

The Clinton Foundation is at the core of this scandal. Reports implicate payments of over $135,000,000 to the Foundation. Additionally, Bill Clinton was receiving elevated speaking fees in Russia to certain banks and other entities. The level of arrogance in the Clintons and their fawning press to say “nothing to see here” should shake the average observer to the core. Meanwhile, tens of millions of dollars spent investigating Trump have turned up nothing of any significance.

Sean Hannity wonders if the corruption has gone so deep that we can no longer receive fair treatment under the law for certain privileged players in government. It remains to be seen if the Clintons can continue to be untouchable. Any further nonsense about Trump’s involvement should be put to rest. With all of the vitriol directed at Trump, if there was any sort of smoking gun, Mueller would have placed it front and center by now. Hannity aired his initial report on Fox News last week covering the basic issues, which can be seen here:


This is indeed scandalous material. For all the bluster against Trump, it appears the real malfeasance lies elsewhere, namely with many of the parties primarily accusing Trump. One can only wonder how long our current Justice Department will remain mute on all of this. After all, the underpinnings of all of this were discussed frankly in Peter Schweitzer’s book “Clinton Cash”, which has been out for over a year. Jeff Sessions is remarkably silent, abiding his previous recusal; meanwhile, his Deputy AG might have been involved himself! If this were not so concerning, it would almost be humorous. It smacks of an Ian Fleming spy novel.

Unfortunately, this is real and the implications are very serious. It bespeaks corruption at the highest levels of the Clinton State Department and the Obama White House. If Trump were truly courageous, he would fire Mueller and Rosenstein and demand that AG Sessions open an investigation into Clinton and her cohorts. If Sessions procrastinates, he should be shown the exit as well. Unfortunately, with a complicit press running interference, it will take monumental effort to get all of the facts in front of the American people and prevent a political firestorm if Trump takes all the necessary actions.

So who is really the Russian colluder we should be concerned with? Sure does not look like President Trump at this juncture. One can only wonder how observers, both within and without America, might view the crumbling integrity of our national government. None of this bodes well for helpful, bi-partisan cooperation in the future. It looks like the swamp is deeper and more dangerous than Trump may have initially thought.

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