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Gov. Herbert signs 55 bills
SALT LAKE CITY (March 23, 2015) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed 55 bills
today, bringing the total number of bills signed to 102 of the total 528
bills passed during the 2015 General Legislative Session.
Among the group of bills signed today is HB11, Death Penalty Procedure
Amendments. This bill establishes the firing squad as a secondary method
for executions, in the event the drugs necessary for lethal injection
cannot be obtained. Lethal injection remains the primary method for
carrying out executions in Utah.
“Those who voiced opposition to this bill are primarily arguing against
capital punishment in general and that decision has already been made in
our state,” said Marty Carpenter, spokesman for Gov. Herbert. “We regret
anyone ever commits the heinous crime of aggravated murder to merit the
death penalty and we prefer to use our primary method of lethal injection
when such a sentence is issued. However, when a jury makes the decision and
a judge signs a death warrant, enforcing that lawful decision is the
obligation of the executive branch.”
In total, 34 states use capital punishment. All those states use lethal
injection as the primary method of execution. Eight states have
electrocution as a secondary method for execution, four use the gas
chamber, three use hanging and two use the firing squad.
The full list bills signed by the governor are as follows:
Bill Number
Bill Name
Bill Sponsor
HB 11
Death Penalty Procedure Amendments
Ray, P.
HB 13
Jail Retirement System Amendments
Ray, P.
HB 14
Appropriations Limit Formula Amendments
Hall, C.
HB 19
Insurance Comparison Tables
Hawkes, T.
HB 21
Department of Workforce Services Suset Authorization
Edwards, R.
HB 26
Amendments to Driver License Records
Hutchings, E.
HB 33
American Indian-Alaskan Native Education Amendments
Draxler, J.
HB 48
Powdered Alcohol Amendments
Eliason, S.
HB 72
Ballot Publishing Amendments
Knotwell, J.
HB 73
Nepotism Amendments
Cutler, B.
HB 74
Consent Definition for Sexual Offense
Romero, A.
HB 78
Generator Site Access Permits Amendments
Dee, B.
HB 79
Safety Belt Law Amendments
Perry, L.
HB 81
Local School Board Meetings Requirements
Hall, C.
HB 88
Veterinary Practice Act Amendments
Peterson, J.
HB 101
Rural Residency Training Program Reauthorization
Redd, E.
HB 102
Agricultural Tourism Amendments
Perry, L.
HB 119
Charter School Finance Amendments
Last, B.
HB 123
Tuition and Fees Assistance for Utah National Guard Members
Peterson, V.
HB 131
Tobacco Shop Amendments
Powell, K.
HB 139
Foster Home Amendments
Daw, B.
HB 148
State Employee Health Clinic
Barlow, S.
HB 154
Jury Duty Exemption Amendments
McKell, M.
HB 157
Utah Code of Military Justice Amendments
Peterson, V.
HB 165
Legislative In-session Employee Amendments
Dunnigan, J.
HB 173
Recovery Dog Training Amendments
Pitcher, D.
HB 175
Alzheimer State Plan Amendments
Ray, P.
HB 189
Child Welfare Mediation
Hutchings, E.
HB 192
Property Rights Ombudsman Amendments
Hawkes, T.
HB 195
Traffic Code Repealer
Perry, L.
HB 209
Suicide Prevention Program Amendments
Fawson, J.
HB 212
Wildland Fire Liability Amendments
Wheatley, M.
HB 219
Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project Amendments
Chavez-Houck, R.
HB 226
Air Quality Revisions
Edwards, R.
HB 238
License Plate Obstruction Amendments
Redd, E.
HB 277
Statute of Limitation for Civil Actions
Ivory, K.
HB 280
Utah National Guard Command Structure Amendments
Peterson, V.
HB 303
Legislative Approval of Land Transfers
Stratton, K.
HB 364
Suicide Prevention Amendments
Eliason, S.
HB 382
Utah National Guard Fund Amendments
Peterson, V.
HB 384
Grazing Zones Amendments
Noel, M.
HB 393
Energy Zones Amendments
Noel, M.
HB 395
Controlled Substance Database Amendments
Redd, E.
HB 401
Statute of Limitations Modifications
Noel, M.
HB 447
Protections on Parental Guidance in Public Schools
Dee, B.
HCR 10
Concurrent Resolution on Basing and Infrastructure in Support of National
and State Defense
Peterson, V.
HCR 12
Concurrent Resolution on Healthcare
Dunnigan, J.
SB 29
School Planning and Zoning Process
Vickers, E.
SB 51
Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division Account Amendments
Harper, W.
SB 64
Utah Educational Savings Plan Amendments
Weiler, T.
SB 66
Unauthorized Activity on State Land
Dayton, M.
SB 95
Town Amendments
Iwamoto, J.
SB 121
Procurement Code Revisions
Mayne, K.
SB 122
State Surplus Property Amendments
Weiler, T.
SB 141
Judiciary Amendments
Hillyard, L.
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