Rep. Chris Stewart Questions US Negotiations with Iran

Backbenchers from small states like Utah rarely get an opportunity to shine on the national stage. With the seniority he has, Senator Orrin Hatch gets attention, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz has shown some ability to garner attention with his energy on the House’s primary oversight committee. Mia Love is noticed for the obvious reasons, but has yet to say anything particularly memorable.

Monday, Rep. Chris Stewart, from Utah’s Second Congressional District, hit the big time with a well-reasoned and timely editorial in the Wall Street Journal, commenting knowledgeably on U.S. negotiations with Iran over the latter’s nuclear enrichment program. Putting to good use his experience with START negotiations, representing Air Force pilots, Stewart reprises Ronald Reagan’s old mantra, “trust but verify.”

The whole article is worth reading as we move down a very slippery path in our dealings with one of the world’s most dangerous regimes.

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