Rep. Jeremy Peterson: Why I am voting against Medicaid expansion

Today our Republican Caucus will gather to discuss our group’s position on Medicaid Expansion. There are division lines of contention on the subject:

  1. Who gets to write a blank check for Medicaid Expansion? Does the Medical Industry pay for the additional clientele or do Utah Taxpayers get put on the hook for them?
  2. Is crowd-out morally acceptable? Is it ok for new enrollees to get in line ahead of existing enrollees?
  3. What about doctor shortages? Medicaid short changes doctors 20 cents on the dollar for service rendered to Medicaid patients. So, just because someone has insurance doesn’t mean there will be a doctor willing to treat them.

In my view, not just the Affordable Care Act but our entire system is general is woefully broken. We need to move toward true affordability which is toward competition and free-market price discovery in the medical service market. The ACA has dumped billions of dollars into insurance which has inflated costs rather than brought them down. Arbitrary money injections always distort markets and the medical industry is no different.

For these reasons, today I will be voting ‘NO’ to throw someone’s good money after bad into a broken system. I look forward to a discussion on state solutions that are finite, promote freedom of choice, and work toward true affordability for everyone.

Originally posted on Facebook. Reposted with permission. 

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