Rep. Mia Love Delivers “State of the 4th District” Address [UPH Wire]

Rep Mia Love Delivers “State of the 4th District”
Address on Utah’s Capitol Hill
*Rep. Mia Love Delivers “State of the 4th District” Address *
*$109,000 Office Budget Surplus Returned to Treasury *
*SALT LAKE CITY (January 29, 2016) *Congresswoman Mia Love emphasized her
commitment to Utah’s 4th Congressional district at a news conference at the
Utah State Capitol last week. She reviewed her first year, but also looked
ahead to her goals for the rest of her first term.
“I want taxpayers to know I take my job seriously, and so does my staff,”
Rep. Love said. “We are committed to our constituents and the taxpayers.”
To illustrate that point, Rep. Love announced her office is prepared to
return $109,000 to the U.S. Treasury, funds that are a surplus from her
Congressional budget.
“I’ve been working hard for the 4th District, and take my fiscal
responsibility seriously,” Congresswoman Love said. “It’s been important
to me to be more of a work horse, not a show pony in my first year. I feel
that hard work is paying off for Utah.”
Rep. Love has introduced six bills in her first year, and co-sponsored 106
more. Those bills focus on reducing the size of the federal government’s
footprint in education, making higher education more affordable, reforming
the criminal justice and financial systems, reducing the deficit, and
strengthening our military.
“My work in Congress is a direct reflection of conversations I have in the 4
th district all the time,” Rep. Love said. “Lots of people are frustrated
with the federal government and the tangled bureaucracy. I’ve actually
been engaged in undoing a lot of that, one step at a time.” Recently, Rep.
Love introduced two bills: “The Fair Treatment for Families of Veterans
Act”, and “The One Subject at a Time Act”.
The Veterans bill would permit surviving family members to keep certain
benefits through the whole month of the recipient’s death. Currently,
families must repay the cost of those benefits retroactive to the beginning
of the month. “I made a commitment to keep America’s promises to all our
veterans when they come home, and to their families of those who don’t,”
Rep. Love said. “One Subject at a Time” would stop Congress from bundling
unrelated bills into must-pass legislation.
“There are of plenty examples of unintended consequences with the current
system,” Rep. Love said. “If my bill passes, bad legislation would be more
vulnerable to public opposition. It would increase transparency.”




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