Do Republicans benefit from LGBT boycotts?

by Kelly Jester
by Kelly Jester

If there is one thing to be said about the state of politics, it is that Republicans are building a better LGBT trap. States all across the nation are passing laws aimed at defining the use of public restrooms. Such legislation is quickly facing strict opposition from corporations to celebrities. Such legislation and the results from it bring to question if protests from the notable activists are just part of the plan?

Following the recent North Carolina House Bill 2, famously known as the Bathroom Bill, a slew of protests arose regarding North Carolina. One notable protest came from Bruce Springsteen who canceled his concert in the state while citing his refusal to bring money to any state that he perceived to be lacking in equality for all sexual orientations.

What Springsteen failed to recognize was that his famous boycott not only brought the attention of his loyal fan base and the reverence of the LGBT community, he also grabbed attention from those who fear the consequences of a man posing as a woman to enter a ladies room for menacing purposes.

Among those who are opposing the bill, there is an overwhelming sense of equality at stake. For them, the fight is business as usual and one they have built an uncompromising intent to defeat. On the other hand, for the majority of the onlookers, this bill represents nothing more than bathrooms. A quick sweep on social media will give any curious participant an inside look at the mindsets of those who agree that this legislation is justified. More specifically, according to a poll conducted by WRAL-TV, 56% of North Carolinians agree with a provision requiring transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their birth.  Additionally, 56% are also concerned that allowing a transgender individual to use the restrooms of their choice poses a risk for women and children.

Without a doubt, at the passage of House Bill 2, Republican legislators must have known that such a bill would not be met without a high public outcry from activists in the LGBT community. With the millions of dollars pumped into LGBT causes each year and the massive lobby attempts to garner equality, there is no surprise that teams of activists were ready and mobilized before the ink even dried at the desks of those penning such policy.

Without such attention from the LGBT community, who would be raising the alarm over the privacy at stake in the bathrooms? What conservatives have successfully done is taken those objectors in to mobilize a message to a massive base beyond the realm of the Republican establishment and disseminated the urgency of the matter to millions of onlookers who are terrified of what they may find in any given public restroom.

Essentially, with every protest or boycott of North Carolina, the alarm screams a little louder that LGBT activist are not intent on protecting their rights in North Carolina, but rather provides an impression that such activists are intent on forcing children to share the restroom with pedophiles and rapists. Without a doubt, Republicans lawmakers put this legislation up as bait and it seems that LGBT activists have taken it. After all, if they weren’t raising awareness of the issue would anybody else be questioning it?  Perhaps Republicans need to pick up the tab for Springsteen and other notable boycotters.

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