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netflixs-mitt-romney-documentary-mitt1This behind-the-scenes documentary from director Greg Whiteley is full of the quiet moments on a campaign. It’s not a political war-room look; it’s more of a slice-of-life in the Romney family while Mitt runs in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

There’s a scene early on where the director asks son Josh Romney his candid thoughts on the campaign. He talks about how people can complain about how no one good runs, but then points out how hard it is to run. “This is why,” he says. He obviously loves his dad and thinks he’d be one of America’s best presidents, but when he watches the spin and the misconceptions and the difficulties, why would good people put themselves through this? It’s pretty much of a must-see for anyone thinking of running for office.

How little does it have to do with the actual campaign? It jumps from his concession in 2008 right to his accepting the GOP nomination in 2012.

Some things it reminded me of:

– Charlie Crist’s last-minute switch of his endorsement from Mitt to John McCain was probably the key to his loss of Florida in 2008. (Then Crist left the GOP a couple years later. Heh.)

– The economic collapse happened about a few months too late. Had everything come out with Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers in February 2008, there’s no way John McCain would have won the nomination. (And it might have helped Hillary too.)

– Barack Obama was incorrect with his Benghazi answer, and the look on his face and the way Candy Crowley jumped in, it just looked like a premeditated slam. It killed the rest of the debate. One thing I didn’t know is that the Romney campaign knew before the 2nd debate that Candy Crowley wasn’t going to be fair. It’s interesting to watch that aspect unfold behind the scenes.

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