‘Rigged’ system helping Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been whining for weeks that the system is rigged. There’s no reason for him to be upset, for the system is actually unfairly rigged in his favor.

by John English
by John English

Of the 23,172,618 votes cast thus far, Donald Trump has received 8,785,763 of them. That’s 37.9% of the votes. He also has 846 delegates out of 1798 so far. That’s 47% of the delegates. See? The system isn’t fair. He should only have 681 delegates.

Likewise, Ted Cruz should have 500 delegates, not 544.

If anyone is getting shafted, it’s Marco Rubio and John Kasich. Rubio should have 269 delegates right now, not 173. Kasich should have 246 delegates, not 149. Of course, many states set themselves up as winner-take-all or winner-take-most states. The RNC likes to have their frontrunner win the majority of the delegates by June. March or April is more preferable.

And just to remind everyone about the head-to-head matchups via RCP averages:

Clinton beats Trump 49%-40.5%
Clinton beats Cruz 46%-43%
Clinton loses to Kasich 40.2%-48.2%

I stand by my prediction that if Donald Trump does not have 1237 delegates on the first ballot, he will not win the Republican nomination. I don’t know if enough will go to Cruz, or if Rubio or Kasich will get second looks, or if Paul Ryan will be forced to accept the nomination, but if Trump is the nominee, Hillary Clinton wins. I actually don’t see how President Hillary Clinton doesn’t happen in 2017. The GOP is so divided right now, and this isn’t something Trump can repair by “acting more presidential.” Trump is morally repugnant to a sizeable chunk of GOP voters.

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