Hillary or Donald? Roll the Dice!

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

We are barely a week out of the conventions and the absolute insanity that will be remembered as the 2016 presidential campaign is underway. In previous pieces on this site and elsewhere, I have asked “Who is the real Donald Trump?” One cannot miss the rhetoric and conflicting viewpoints that are flowing throughout the media, mainstream and otherwise, over what amounts to the greatest opportunity for political theater in history. It is ever before us in loud, living color. But when the final analysis is in, the whole thing ultimately comes down to one thing – a roll of the dice. Will a vote for Donald Trump come up lucky seven, or snake-eyes?

If any reader of this site will do the necessary research, they must come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is not a viable candidate. She is a great candidate if you want to continue a stream of corruption and crony capitalism that has already sold significant pieces of our national interest and technologies to those factions that despise the liberty, wealth, culture and power of the United States. She is a viable candidate if you want to continue the plundering of our treasury, and with it the future of our children and our country, by an executive and legislative branch now more beholden to special interests and vote sustaining entitlements than to their constituents. She is a remarkable candidate if you do not care if you will ever hear the truth of things and are more comforted by the big lies that drive the narrative out of Washington today. She is perfect if you want to see America descend into soul robbing, poverty enhancing socialism. Expect the erosion of the military, Second Amendment rights, class dissension, national sovereignty, a permanently leftist Supreme Court…the list would go on and on.

Last I checked, the only other choice in this election is Donald Trump. Is he a Republican? I am not sure. Is he conservative? I think so on certain issues, but likely not all. Is he sincere in his desire to break the insider’s grip on siphoning our national wealth? Maybe, but who is to say he isn’t one of them deep down? Is he a statesman or a buffoon? Maybe both, but I would rather hear someone call it as he sees it and stick his foot in mouth than try to railroad me with a series of well calculated lies. Is he going to write a book any time soon on the moral fabric that defines America? Not likely, but at least he is not a hypocrite about his misdoings. And I think he really wants to try to do right by America, though I cannot be sure he is not doing some of it for himself.

While there are two sides to Hillary Clinton, bad and worse, there are also several dimensions to this man Donald Trump. One has to dig pretty deep to see any of them with any true clarity. He is above all things an enigma. Will we get a good look at his innermost thoughts and motivations through any of the mainstream media? Outside of pro-Trump wonk Sean Hannity and curious Trump onlooker Bill O’Reilly, not likely. A few talking heads on the internet paint a very positive view of his personal agenda, but they are not necessarily journalistically reliable. The mainstream media is, however, completely unreliable. With roughly 98% of everyone poised to spin Trump’s every uttered sentence.

The Khizr Khan controversy is a perfect illustration. Kahn used his sons sacrifice for our country at the DNC to imply Trump is a racist Muslim hater who never read the Constitution and would have pulled the trigger himself with his biased stance on immigration. Overblown rhetoric for sure, and arguably a shameful exploitation of his son’s service for political purposes according to many other veterans. Trump responds with a sometimes typically insensitive comment, wondering if the wife was even allowed to speak. Red Alert! Stereotyping! Pull the racist card out and get the wood and nails, we have a crucify-able offense according to liberal sensibilities. The man shot from the hip. He disrespected a Gold Star family! Cue the incredulous talking heads.

Actually, I looked carefully at his comment. I thought of why a man might make a comment like that, particularly one running for our highest office. I asked myself a few questions. Are Muslim women in many countries banned from participating in men’s affairs, like business or even driving? Check. Are there places in the Muslim world where women are restricted from other activities that might be seen as a man’s purview? Check. Are there places in Muslim societies where women are not even allowed to show their face? Check. Are there laws in some Muslim countries where women are essentially treated like chattel? Check. Are there women who are stoned or mutilated in Muslim countries? Check. With all of this cultural precedence how could one ever dare to assume that a Muslim women’s voice might be restricted? The shame of it all! Such narrow-minded racism and misogynist blather from Trump says MSNBC, CNN and whoever else wants some hit-piece airtime! The hypocrisy of the media is palpable.

The facts seem to suggest that Trump is guilty. Guilty of not having much of a filter and maybe some inherent insensitivity. That can happen when you have been on top of the world for so long. Does he say cringe worthy stuff? Check that also. But again, I would rather hear what someone really thinks than a bunch of politically correct nonsense mixed with outright falsehoods. Even if it isn’t worded in the most delicate of terms. But is that not what we must have to save this country…straight talk? No overblown, flowery, feel-good, politically correct crapola and spin? America is on the brink, and only a serious cleaning of house within the government will change anything. Such change will be ugly, difficult and controversial no matter how you manage it. Is Trump that guy? I have no idea at this point. But Hillary certainly is not. One thing is for sure. It is much easier for Donald Trump to be coached in a bit of diplomacy than it is for Hillary Clinton to be purged of pathological lying and treasonous self-interests.

The truth is that Khizr Khan was the liberal bait and Trump walked right into the trap. And the mainstream media was waiting with cameras blazing to broadcast the ineptitude and effrontery of it all. Simple conclusion, Joe average voter will never see the real Donald Trump through the lens of the left leaning, Hillary hugging mainstream media. They will see only a media generated fool and villain, a threat to all things mom, apple pie and Chevrolet. Trump must learn to avoid all of the pitfalls and traps that will be eagerly strewn in his path in weeks to come. If you do not believe this, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

So, again, it comes down to this roll of the dice. Trump’s critics are vocal and many, but I have not heard a more favorable alternative yet. And no decent alternative begins with the initials H.C. Donald Trump may alter the Republican Party for years to come. Some have implied that he may even end it. But Hillary Clinton would end America as we know it. Four to eight years of Hillary and its hello third world, make room for the former superpower.  And that conclusion is hardly up for debate. So what will it be America? Are you willing to roll the dice? Are we gambling on our nation’s future? Yes we are. And the odds are not looking particularly good in our favor. But a vote for Hillary Clinton is guaranteed craps. A vote for Donald Trump? Well, the dice are still rolling across the table. Guess we will have to wait and see upon what number they settle.

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