Russian roulette

By David Rogers

Sitting on my desk, queued up in my reading list, is a paperback copy of Cleon Skousen’s landmark 1958 book entitled “The Naked Communist”. Skousen outlines, way back before the Beatles were a thing, the global communist plans to destroy America. He draws on his years of experience in law enforcement, along with considerable scholarly research, to outline the various communist political methodologies to accomplish such nefarious goals.

This work was so compelling that on January 10, 1963, Congressman Albert Herlong of Florida had the forty-five goals of the Communist Party to overthrow America, as outlined in the book, read into the congressional record. Representative Herlong stated: “I include in the record, under unanimous consent, the following ‘Current Communist Goals’…dedicated to the purpose of alerting the public to the dangers of Communism in America.” Little did representative Herlong know how many of these goals would be accomplished fifty plus years later.

One of the main Soviet tactics Skousen outlines in his book is the goal of eroding confidence in our own political system and our leaders. Let us offer the 2016 election as exhibit “A”, making this case in point. The Mueller report revealed details of Russian interference in obtaining and publishing (through third-party sources such as WikiLeaks) certain unflattering facts about Hillary Clinton. The inclusion of Trump in these allegations was agenda driven, sensationalistic and based on no real fact. Yet half of the country cheered efforts to derail Trump, regardless of fact.

Clinton advocates point to this sequence of events as a factor in Clinton’s electoral loss. Perhaps the deeper question is, if such facts about her involvement in Uranium One, destruction of her server and classified government business thereon and other salacious pay-for-play details are true and accurate (and indeed they appear to be) why should we need the Russians to push this information into the public? Is that not the job of our own distinguished fourth estate, the so-called ”free press”?

It may be argued that in this case, the Russians did us a favor, something we should have been doing for ourselves was it not for the fact that most media now is a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, and most reluctant in any coverage of Clinton wrongdoings. But that is only half the story.

Now it appears that the Russians were behind the “Steele Dossier” that led to the Mueller investigation, funneling funds through the Clinton campaign to pay for apparent reports generated by foreign intelligence sources containing allegations against Trump (later proven entirely unfounded) that led to questionable and possibly illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign. Just yesterday, Attorney General Barr announced a new Special Investigator, John Durham, a U.S. Attorney based in Connecticut, to scrutinize this other side of the issue that initially gave us Mueller. Thus the game continues.

If we take in the whole picture here, we see that the Russians may be playing both sides against each other. Caught in the middle are the American people seeing all sorts of corruption and questionable goings-on within their own government. The press rarely mentions that all of this occurred under President Obama’s watch while, at the time, Trump was a private citizen engaged in a campaign for office. Responsibility to oversee and check all of this falls squarely into his lap. Such optics would not favor an administration ever the leftist media darling.

And as events unfold, we see that the communist goals outlined by Skousen are being openly accomplished. From either side of the aisle, confidence in our leadership, legal equity, and integrity of government entities are being eroded. Half of the American people hope Trump cleans house, the other half feel Trump is the culprit that needs to be stopped, constitutional procedure be darned.

Regardless of one’s position on the issues, it is easy to see how far our trust in those with their hands on the levers of power has fallen. There is nothing in this progression of events that strengthens or restores confidence in the fundamental tenets of our Republic. This is indeed a dangerous game of political Russian Roulette. We should find a way to extricate ourselves from this game if possible before it ends badly, as it inevitably always does.

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