Salt City Throwdown: #46 – Three Dudes and Two Feminist Moms

On this special episode of the Salt City Throwdown podcast, we are joined by Erica and Brooke from the “Two Feminist Moms” podcast. We talk about everything under the sun trying to determine what feminism means to is feminism still necessary? How did Smitty get his nickname? Why is Adam from Antarctica?
Well, you’re about to find out and the answers may surprise you.

As we go, we’re drinking and having a conversation among friends, discussing a multitude of topics, including a long discussion of the confederate flag, and its role in light of the recent shooting in South Carolina and things we would do with it.Salt City Throwdown: #46 - Three Dudes and Two Feminist Moms

So, sit back, relax and plug into your ear-holes the awesomeness that is the Salt City Throwdown and enjoy.

Then, after you’re done listening to the show, go listen to “Two Feminist Moms,” found here:

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Listen to Season Two, Episode Five (#46) of the Salt City Throwdown podcast.

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