Salt City Throwdown: Better know a Candidate: Steve Nelson (Salt Lake District Attorney) Edition

Candidate Steve Nelson talking to constituents at the Salt Lake County GOP nominating convention. (Courtesy: Facebook)

Episode 39 of the Salt City Throwdown is here!

Continuing to bring our listeners the best to offer in rare, long form interviews of those who are running for office we bring you another episode of “Better Know a Candidate” where you can listen in on a conversation about the campaigns that are occurring in this cycle.

We thought about calling this episode “What is a Juggalo?” but decided against it.

Episode 37 we had incumbent first term Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill. (D) in this episode we bring you his opponent, Dr. Steve Nelson (Yes. He really does have a PhD, we checked.) who similarly to our previous guest Charles Stormont, is running from within his own office.

Steve, is more than just a an assistant prosecuting attorney. He has had many articles published, he teaches multiple courses at the University of Utah in the Political Science department, and he is also running to take his bosses job.

We talk about a myriad of issues like

  •  Why he decided to run for District Attorney
  • What makes him the best choice for the office
  • His career as a scholar, and his teaching style
  • Examining a witness in a RICO trial, only to have the defendant end up being shot as he (the defendant) tried to rush the witness stand in a brand new court-house.
  • Differences in styles
  • How he would have handled high-profile cases like Kitchen v. Herbert, and the John Swallow / Mark Shurtleff investigations

Oh. And the question everyone wants to know. How did he end up becoming the expert on the “Juggalo” gang in Utah?

Steve Nelson in a recent parade in Salt Lake County - Courtesy: Facebook
Steve Nelson in a recent parade in Salt Lake County – Courtesy: Facebook

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of “What is a Juggalo” eeerrr “Better know a Candidate: Steve Nelson (Salt Lake County D.A.) Edition. ”

Listen to episode 39 of the Salt City Throwdown podcast.

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