Salt City Throwdown: EP 31 We are real americans!

Warning: This episode of the Salt City Throwdown may contain language that may be objectionable to some of our readers. Listener discretion is required. And you agree to not hold the Salt City Throwdown, or Utah Politico Hub liable for the content you are about to hear.

We’re back! After a long extended break, a couple canned episodes and a best of episode, the Salt City Throwdown returns.

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Salt City Throwdown Podcast. There are several people and groups we consider “PodFather’s” Basically those who gave us the idea, and encouraged us to create the Salt City Throwdown.

Every week we fill your ear holes with awesomeness and information that you might not get anywhere else.


This week we are joined by yet another one of the Podfathers. From J.C. Carters “Hold 322”, and J.M. Bell’s “The Left Show” The Internet’s Ultimate Bob Easton joined us.

From Hold 322 and the Left Show: (L-R) J.C. Carter, J.M. Bell, Robert Easton
From Hold 322 and the Left Show: (L-R) J.C. Carter, J.M. Bell, Robert Easton (Courtesy Photo: Via The Left Show’s Facebook Page)


Adam and Smitty get caught up on topics we missed while we were taking a Spring Break/Finals/Internship Hiatus to get caught back up.

Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling and more.

So sit back, and relax, and enjoy the second or third best damn podcast that your iTunes seems to keep downloading.

Listen to episode 31 of the Salt City Throwdown podcast.

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* Intro: “Two Angry Kids” – Street Dogs
* Break 01: “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-A-Lot
* Outtro: “Real American” – Rick Derringer
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