Salt City Throwdown Podcast: A Conversation with Former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

Welcome to Episode 11.1 – Mark L. Shurtleff, Principal of the Shurtleff Group and former Utah Attorney General joins us to talk about a myriad of topics. Including Utah’s co-habitation laws being struck down, and then Amendment 3 (Which he was originally against) receiving the same fate three weeks later. We also hit on topics like medical marijuana, the death-blow to the BCS system, Adoption reform, and Intellectual Property lawsuits that result in patent trolls making tons of money for doing nothing.

In this episode We talk about:

  • Amendment Three and Gay Marriage in Utah
  • The LDS Church, and their role in Utah Politics,
  • Utah’s co-habitation laws being struck down
  • His innovative use of Social Media to run for Senate,  and “Live Tweeting” the execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner
  • His Background and his book,.
  • Medical Marijuana, and the implication(s) with it.
  • Patent Trolls and their Frivolous Lawsuits
  • Adoption laws, and possible reforms,
  • The final season of the BCS, and the role of the State of Utah and The University of Utah’s role in extinguishing this dirty system

While we wanted to ask him about the active proceedings it wouldn’t be fair to do so, while the proceedings are underway. We don’t ask Mr. Shurtleff anything about the proceedings that you are probably listening to this show for, and we address that several times throughout the show.


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