Salt City Throwdown Podcast – EP 035: …And Justice for All?

kate_kellyIt was a busy week. Everything was going along swimmingly until The 10th Circuit Court of appeals dropped the mic and reaffirmed what we and almost everyone else knows. Gay Marriage is the right thing to do, it is fair, and there is no basis to ban it.

That would have been cool, but they dropped it in the middle of Charles Stormont making his campaign kickoff.

Charles Stormont Campaign Kickoff
Charles Stormont Campaign Kickoff

Then we spend a half hour talking to Kate Kelly.

Kate is the founder of the Ordain Women movement who earlier in the week was ex-communicated because she asked the wrong questions. We talk about the decision, her reaction, why she didn’t attend the meeting via “Secure Video Conference” and the future of the Ordain Women Movement.

Then we close it out with a long rant about participating in the process. Because if you don’t take part in elections and the political process, not only are you missing out, but you lose your ability to complain.

So, Sit back, relax, and if you happen to work for the Utah Attorney General’s office, give this a listen, it will make you feel better about not filing the appeal for Gay Marriage recognition correctly.

Find more about Ordain Women at or on and Follow Kate on twitter at @Kate_Kelly_esq

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* Intro: “Two Angry Kids” – Street Dogs
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* Break 02: “Look What Happened” – Less than Jake
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