Salt Lake County Council Passes Resolution Encouraging Citizens to Attend Caucuses on March 22 [UPH Wire]

January 26, 2016
Salt Lake County Council Passes Resolution Encouraging Citizens to Attend Caucuses on March 22
Encourages All County Facilities and Programs to Make Accommodations

Salt Lake City, Utah – Today the Salt Lake County Council is expected to pass a resolution encouraging county facilities and programs to make accommodations for citizens to attend their neighborhood caucus on Tuesday, March 22.

The resolution, sponsored by Republican Councilwoman Aimee Winder Newton, aims to make it as easy as possible for residents to clear their schedules and attend these grassroots political meetings where delegates are elected. These delegates may choose their party’s nominees in offices ranging from county mayor and council members to state legislators and governor. Thousands of Republicans and Democrats all across the state attend caucuses held every two years. Both parties will be having their caucus meetings on March 22, and some will be holding presidential primary elections that night.

“Neighborhood Caucuses allow every voter a chance to participate in the most grassroots political process that we have,” said Newton. “Salt Lake County won’t have scheduled rec games that night, county-sponsored library events, or other programs that could create a conflict.”

With bi-partisan council support, and support from the mayor’s office, county departments have adjusted programs and facilities to be able make it easier for voters to attend caucuses, but facilities will still remain open as usual.

In addition to Salt Lake County taking steps to make caucuses more accessible, the resolution also encourages other governmental entities within Salt Lake County to limit activities and events on March 22 to allow the residents an opportunity to attend.

The Salt Lake County Council will be officially voting on this resolution at 1 during their meeting at 2001 S. State St., N2-800.



Aimee Winder Newton
Salt Lake County Councilwoman

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