Say What?! Utah Politicos in Quotes and Week in Review | Nov 30 – Dec 7

This week’s collection of interesting quotes from Utah politicos, Utah politics and beyond, ranging from the thought provoking to the jaw dropping, from the dead serious to the just plain hilarious.

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Not for Money

To believe that there is a financial incentive of a few hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars that can spur teachers to achieve more than they already do with students in the classroom is laughable among those who are familiar with how education works.–Joseph Burke in a Salt Lake Tribune op-ed opposing merit assessments.

Bueller?  Bueller?

It’s all about the chase

The chase program is exactly as the name implies – we chased after strategically identified voters. Historically, the Democrats beat us in this area because many of their constituency groups have an army of volunteers, so they have been more effective in their get-out-the-vote efforts.

I believe the chase program was our greatest improvement from past years. Up to then, we had made it easier for Republicans to vote and to educate them on our candidates, but making sure they voted was the missing piece.– Utah Republican Party Chair James Evans on how the Republican Party picked up three additional seats in the Utah Legislature.

A New Political Class to Replace the Old One?

It’s no secret delegates frequently dismiss Jowers’ and Wright’s opinions as speculative and riddled with personal bias, making their opinions irrelevant in the current election process since they cannot manipulate the debate at party meetings and events. What matters to delegates? Logic and constitutional principles, not platitudes and worshiping the opinions of the elite. SB 54 would change such a deliberative process as sound bites and calculating jargon would rule the day by the new political class. — Chris Herrod in Op-ed: Count My Vote compromise was bought by elites

Just the facts, Ma’am.

Judgement Day

Robert Gehrke   I sure hope the U.S. Supreme Court rules Facebook...

Giving Lyft a Lift

The skyrocketing popularity of tech-powered transportation is something the state Legislature should embrace. Utah is ready for ridesharing, and it must be welcomed with reasonable regulations that put safety and consumer choice first.  I intend to introduce a bill in the upcoming legislative session that would create a sensible regulatory framework for ridesharing across Utah — one that ensures the safety of our citizens and reaffirms our commitment to free enterprise. — Sen. Stuart Adams in Op-Ed on future of ridesharing in Utah

Only Utahns Get to Mock Utah.

James Dabakis   Trapped on a plane next to a jerk  I have been...

Suing Over Executive Action

“This lawsuit is not about immigration policy. The process is what is being challenged. The process is not legal. Regardless of how you feel about the policy, it does not justify implementation in an unconstitutional manner.”  Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said in a statement announcing Utah’s role in a federal lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

Governor Herbert Announces the Healthy Utah plans

 But if this flawed plan is what it takes to extend the basic human decency of health care access to maybe 95,000 previously uninsured people in Utah, it should indeed be approved. — The Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board on Healthy Utah

But not everyone agrees Healthy Utah is a good idea:

Meanwhile, an unexpected beneficiary of Medicaid support


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