Say What?! Utah Politicos in Quotes and Week in Review | Oct 27 – Nov 2

This week’s collection of interesting quotes from Utah politicos, Utah politics and beyond, ranging from the thought provoking to the jaw dropping, from the dead serious to the just plain hilarious.

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Go Big, or Go Home

Barbra Streisand Effect

I’m from the government and I’m here to help

Lookin’ fo’ love in all da wong pwaces

Lobbyists  Bearing Gifts  Pursue Attorneys General

 Complaint Department Closed

Also we should focus on spell check….

public education


This week’s favorite meme:

pizz and opinion meme.jpg

This week’s top posts:

Doug Owens Probably Doesn’t Want You To Know… Cameron Robinson

Why I’m Running for Utah’s 3rd Congressional Seat by John Englishjohnecampaign2

Has the Supreme Court Failed America? by Curt Bentley

A Closer Look at the Dan Jones and BYU Polls; or TL;DR: Why You Can’t Always Trust Pollsters by Shon Harris

ICYMI – This week’s Hub Debate Posts

The Buck Stops Religious Freedom Here by Jesse Harris

The Real Question in the ‘Religious Liberty’ Debate by Jason Williams


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