Say What?! Utah Politicos in Quotes and Week in Review | Oct 6 -Oct 12

This week’s collection of interesting quotes from Utah politicos, Utah politics and beyond, ranging from the thought provoking to the jaw dropping, from the dead serious to the just plain hilarious.

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Utah Still Driving the Bus

Reactions to the Supreme Court’s Failure to Take Up Kitchen v. Herbert, Utah’s Same Sex Marriage Case

Say What?! Utah Politicos in Quotes and Week in Review | Oct 6 -Oct 12

Back to the Drawing Board

“In the few days since I shared this terminology publicly, many citizens have told me that they found the term “pairage” offensive because it seemed to imply that it was legally inferior to traditional marriage. Although that was not my intention, I am sensitive to this sincere feedback that I have received from citizens, and so, to honor their requests, I will abandon any attempt to include this terminology in the legislation I am drafting…….Same-sex marriage and opposite-sex marriage are alike in some ways and different in others. These similarities and differences should be acknowledged and observed to create rational policies to regulate the new marriage landscape ushered in by the federal courts.” Utah State Rep. Kraig Powell backs away from the term “pairage”.

Gobstruck is a Word?

“I am gobstruck by KSL Radio’s second-day coverage of the same-sex marriage story,” Holly Mullen, executive director of the Rape Recovery Center, wrote on Facebook. “I’ve been listening most of the morning. It’s a regular machine-gun spray of negative, fear-based stories about monumental challenges of rewriting adoption laws, policies about foster parenting and, oh yes, the impacts on religious freedoms.”


Campaign Season for Speaker

“I think some of the issues that had been waiting will be discussed now. We have a new world today. I think these issues will come up. I think that you will hear them in committees. There will be a robust debate.”–House Majority Whip Greg Hughes, R-Draper about bills on LGBT issues before the House.

Save the Tatas

Carl Downing   Timeline Photos

Pigs Flying


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