Say What?! Utah Politicos in Quotes and the Week in Review | Sept 15-21

This week’s collection of interesting quotes from Utah politics and beyond, ranging from the thought provoking to the jaw dropping, from the dead serious to the just plain hilarious.

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Debates Start This Week!

Many observers say debates don’t matter, and often that is true. But not always. In 1980, Reagan and Carter were in a dead heat until the debate where Reagan asked the viewers his devastating question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Overnight, a close race turned into a landslide. In 2000, after the second Bush-Gore debate, a foreign ambassador who was in the room with me said, “I think Governor Bush just won the election.” That debate may very well have been the winning margin in that closest of races. You never know when a debate will become a game-changer. — Bob Bennett


  Utah’s Pretty High Tech

Everybody Loves Pancakes

The moment when I really started to judge Mark Shurtleff’s judgment is when I read this story a year and a half ago about the secret Shurtleff-McBride meeting. It wasn’t so much the $2 million dollars he was going to squeeze out of Jenson that got me, but rather the choice of restaurant. Mimi’s Cafe? Seriously!?! — Beehive Politics – The AG’s Scandal’s Unsolved Mystery

What’s in a Name?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won’t attend another game of the Washington football team until the owner changes its “offensive” name. And it’s not likely Reid will be invited to a game of his Southern Utah University Thunderbirds until he changes his own name.

It, too, apparently is offensive. —Thomas Burr, SLTrib, “Name Dropping”

A Twilight Zone Moment

This summer, [Rep. Paul] Ryan unveiled a better version of his previous efforts that comprehends the necessity of government programs while improving efficiency. Several lions of the liberal establishment (including Democratic activist Donna Brazile and formerClinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich) praised the congressman for providing a framework to build reform. This opportunity must not be squandered. Republicans and Democrats can utilize new ideas to enhance effectiveness of social programs in conjunction with needed increases to the minimum wage and earned income credit. — Frank Pignanelli on Ryan’s new book, The Way Forward: Renewing the American 

What’s Good for the Goose…

“It is a disgrace to use our families for a misguided and debunked view of what is best for children[…] It is one thing to disagree with the freedom to marry, it’s quite another to go after loving parents and their children at a political rally.” Marina Gomberg, interim director of Equality Utah, a gay rights organization, in a written statement on behalf of Utah Unites for Marriage, which supports same-sex marriage.

…is Good for the Gander

“These photos were featured repeatedly in the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune beginning as early as January 10th, 2014 and illustrate that a child will lose at least one biological relationship when it comes into conflict with a same-sex marriage.” Conservative activist Mary Summerhays, who showed photos of two men holding their son and two women with their baby daughter.

Range Wars and Brush Wars

“If I was going to battle, I’d want him beside me, but I don’t want him instigating a war.” Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox told a recent meeting of Utah’s Commission on Federalism regarding Dan Love, the Bureau of Land Management’s special agent in charge.

This Week’s Favorite Meme: 

Scotland meme






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