Seeds of discontent

“Anything that Hillary accuses Trump of doing, you know that is what she is doing. That is how the left works, how she works. It is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Everything they are doing they accuse you.” – Former Clinton Insider Larry Nichols in an interview with Alex Jones, September 2016.

By David Rogers

Barely a month into the Trump administration and anything to do with Trump’s agenda is under attack from all sides. A combination of RINO Republicans, virtually all Democrats, and the mainstream media combine and conspire to inhibit Trump in every possible way. And the levels of attack and hysteria are unprecedented. Comparisons to Hitler, labeling Trump as a liar, a fascist, a racist and so forth are becoming daily fare in a supposed legitimate media. But as the left is sowing such seeds of discontent, the effect on Flyover America is not positive.

Trump is serious about keeping his agenda as outlined in his campaign. For those who supported Trump, this is good news. For those on the left, and those Republicans who have enjoyed the fruits of special interest privilege for decades, it is a big problem. The problem is that on the merits, on the principles themselves, Trump can hardly be argued with. There is no rational position against secure borders and a coherent immigration policy, enforcement of existing law, reductions in bureaucracy and regulations, repealing and replacing Obamacare (which will have the entire health care industry in a shambles within another year or two), restoring our military, examining abortion laws with respect to the rights of the unborn, repatriating corporate funds and revitalizing jobs. Such an agenda is simply common sense to anyone looking closely at the state of our country. America is badly in need of an economic, legal and moral renaissance.

The only opposition that can be mustered is one of a hyper-political and emotional platform. Thus the accusations that deportation and enforcement of immigration law is somehow racist or fascist. That attempting to rebalance the health care system is uncaring, seeking to “make America sick again”. Working to prohibit live birth abortions and rein in Planned Parenthood is misogynistic and violating women’s rights. Seeking policies for school choice will somehow destroy our educational system. Even when Trump takes a position that the left champions, such as his recent speech against anti-Semitism, he is criticized for not doing so more expeditiously.

The attacks are becoming more pointed and vicious by the day. As if racist and fascist were not enough, Trump is being labeled as mentally incompetent, incapable, a Russian collaborator, with an even necessity of impeachment tossed around by such luminaries as Maxine Waters and Al Franken. The left doubles and triples down on fear mongering, misdirection and hyperbole. It begs the question of where any actual fascist intentions might be coming from. Meanwhile, well-informed observers like Dick Morris (a former Clinton insider and Washington political analyst) see Trump moving forward in a determined manner but express caution on the disruptive tactics of the left. Mr. Morris’ most recent post on President Trump can be seen here and his analysis is sound:

The left is rallying the fringes of their party, but the average middle-of-the-road voter has to be shaking their head. It is becoming clear that the left will utilize any tactics no matter how radical and irrespective of the effects on the country to reinforce their progressive agenda. With spin, lies, intrigue and an avalanche of “fake news”, they are eliminating any possibility of compromise. And they now know Trump will punch back, seeking to use even that to an advantage. The other problem for the left is that their opposition to Trump originates with an ideological outlook that a growing number of Americans disagree with.

Trump’s favorability numbers have grown since the election from a measly 38% (remember the memes the Democrats threw at Trump accusing him of being the least popular President ever elected?) to over 55% according to many recent polls. This is certainly not an endorsement of Trump on style points, for he remains brash and combative, but on the points that Trump and his agenda are trying to achieve. As he moves forward more mainstream voters are seeing the logic of what he seeks to accomplish. Many Americans are agreeing that someone needs to push back In Washington for any real change to occur. Trump’s directness is forcing people to wake up and take a hard look at current political realities.

But that does not mean Trump will ultimately accomplish all of his revisionist goals. And that is the crux of discontent. From the left, the motive is to stop Trump’s agenda at all costs, no matter how extreme the methods. Other Washington elites and insiders do not want business as usual to change, so a more passive-aggressive stance is taken by critics such as John McCain or Lindsey Graham. Meanwhile, the average American is beginning to look beyond the man, and the swirling controversy the media generates around him, to the ideas he is trying to put forth. And those ideas are registering positively with Flyover Nation voters. They are beginning to see plenty of method behind the alleged madness.

If we are ever to unite as a nation and effect real change in Washington, the dialog needs to be toned down from Trump’s opposition. As critics assume a more negotiable posture it is likely Trump will also. Trump needs legitimate input and constructive feedback from all sides as he navigates through the confusing maze of Washingtonian politics. Hysterical propaganda and character assassination will not buoy his presidency. If a civil and constructive dialog is rendered, he is smart enough to listen.

As Keith Olbermann pontificates about finding common ground with his German ancestors when Hitler came to power and the election of Trump, the average American cringes. If we are to move forward peaceably as a nation, someone needs to take Olbermann and pundits like him by the arm and let him know that to a majority of Americans he comes across as an over-the-top blathering idiot. Such dialog is not constructive and illustrates the fundamental dishonesty raging through the media and the left in general. It is not helpful at all. It merely breeds discontent among a population that desperately needs to find productive solutions and see America’s problems addressed at face value. Unfortunately, as long as Trump refuses to acquiesce to the irrational and hypocritical demands of the left, and practicality suggests he should not, that discontent is likely to continue.

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