Sen. Bramble gets year-end recognition for role in Count My Vote compromise [UPH Wire]

Isaac Holyoak
Communications Director, Alliance for a Better UTAH
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, December 15, 2014
Sen. Bramble gets year-end recognition for role in Count My Vote compromise
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Salt Lake City — In what some will certainly call a case of strange bedfellows, good government group Alliance for a Better UTAH awarded its first 2014 Better Beehive Award to Sen. Curt Bramble for his efforts in engineering the Count My Vote compromise, or SB54.
That bill, which has recently come under attack by the Utah Republican Party, was designed to preserve both the caucus system and an alternative route to the ballot. Over 100,000 Utahns signed their names in favor of the Count My Vote initiative.
“Sen. Bramble should be commended for his part in increasing opportunities for civic participation in our state,” said Better UTAH executive director, Maryann Martindale. “The Count My Vote compromise will increase the voices and participation of thousands of Utahns across the state who have previously been excluded from the caucus system.”
Now in its third year, the Better Beehive honors groups and individuals throughout the state who make Utah a better place. Recipients of the Better Beehive Award come from all walks of life, from all over the political spectrum and from all over the state. And despite their many differences, each of these individuals share a commitment to improving the quality of life in Utah.
Better UTAH has named the award “the Better Beehive” in recognition of the value of the hard work required to bring balance to Utah, while simultaneously honoring Utah’s tremendous history.
Past recipients of the award have included reporters Robert Gehrke and Eric Peterson, community advocate Linda Hilton and former state Sen. Ross Romero.
Each day this week a new recipient will be announced via Twitter and Facebook and on the Better Utah website. For additional details, visit
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