Senator Jerry Stevenson: Please support IT Academy

Jerry Stevenson
By Senator Jerry Stevenson

During the Session we approved an appropriation for our IT Academy, which unfortunately was vetoed by the Governor. This is an excellent program that provides high school students the opportunity to graduate from high school certified in Microsoft and other software programs, which helps these students gain employment straight out of high school. I appreciate that this program offers these high school graduates the potential to support themselves through higher education as they find employment with their certification.

I have attached a letter from the IT Academy and a PDF with more information and charts about this program. (See text of letter below)

I strongly encourage your support.


First, we’d like to thank you for supporting Utah teachers and students across the state with an appropriation for our IT Academy. With your help over the past four years, tens of thousands of Utah students are employment ready straight out of high school.

• IT Academy teaches high-quality, useful technology skills to Utah students preparing to enter the job market.

• It helps connect students, teachers and local employers to create a motivated and cutting edge workforce. 

• Your investment so far has helped create thousands and thousands of app developers, Office Suite experts, and server administrators. We reach throughout the state in more than 200 schools, including youth correctional facilities. 

Unfortunately, IT Academy was collateral damage in a veto by Gov. Gary Herbert. We appreciate the governor’s support of ITA in his veto letter, and that he would like to see the $500,000 appropriation funded by the State School Board. But without your continued support, we are concerned that the program will go unfunded this year.

We’ve attached information about ITA in a short PDF. Thank you.

Utah ITA

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