Senior Federal Judge David Sam appointed to Recapture Canyon case

Senior Judge David Sam was assigned to the Recapture Canyon Protest case today after Judge Jill N. Parrish5-12-2008-10-49-09-PM-6792657 rescued herself.  Judge Parrish was appointed to the case after Judge Shelby stepped down due to a conflict of interest.

“Judge Sam has served in the military, on the Duchesne County Hospital board, the Utah State University Advisory board and in other service capacities. He was appointed to the Fourth Judicial District Court, was President of District Judges Association and in 1985 was appointed U.S. District Judge by President Ronald Reagan.  The Davis Clipper

Appointed by: President Ronald Reagan, 1985.

Law School: University of Utah, J.D. 1960.

Military Service: U.S.A.F., Capt., 1961-63.

Prior Legal Experience: Dushene-Rosevelt, 1963-71;

Sam & Mangan, Duschene-Rosevelt; 1971-73;

Duchesne County Attorney, 1966-72;

Duchesne County Commissioner 1972-74;

Sam, Brown & Park, Duschene, 1973-76.

Prior Judicial Experience: District Judge, 4th Judicial District of Utah 1976-85.” (

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