Shootings and scandals and bears, oh my!

“The indictment of Flynn is just cheese on a nothing burger. It is unthinkable that the mainstream media is jumping up and down declaring this the end of the Trump presidency” – Andrew Wilkow on XM Radio, 12/01/17

By David Rogers

A perusal of news cycles over the last few weeks reveals a burgeoning and troubling trend. Controversy with its many faces is being multiplied greatly. The incessant howling and hysteria within the media and related tragedies, scandals, and other harmful events seem to be rolling out one after another. And the propaganda surrounding these issues is being amped up on a scale of eleven out of ten in the press. Is this merely coincidence, or is it agenda driven and related?

We have shootings in casinos, churches, and schools, many of them under suspicious circumstances with irreconcilable investigational facts. Then suddenly we have sexual predation being exposed from Hollywood to Washington and all points in between. Robert Mueller is issuing meaningless indictments on Trump insiders basically unrelated to any direct action by the President, hoping to turn someone into an informer that will create for him the evidence he cannot discover on his own. Meanwhile, Rand Paul is nearly beaten to death in his own yard. All the while, the vast in-fighting on tax reform and other actual critical issues is relatively ho-hum.

Recently we have the scandal mongers dropping their exclusive pursuit of those on the right and unleashing fusillades of accusations across all spectrums of society. Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, John Conyers and even Sylvester Stallone have suddenly come under fire and lost endorsements, careers or and/or reputations due to a flurry of inappropriate sexual conduct allegations. These assassinations of character know no boundary of political leaning. And it is even more disturbing that the targets of these accusations are convicted in the court of public opinion, guilty or not before any real evidence or trial of their misdeeds can be undertaken.

As the booming hysteria grows, the casual observer has to admit that things are not proceeding as usual. The number of unusual circumstances and coincidental doings are simply too sudden and seemingly egregious to be taken as simply a matter of course. I believe there are several underlying agendas that are being rolled out upon the public. A political cold war, that began the day Hillary Clinton lost the election, is rapidly going hot. I see several trends that are not encouraging:

  • The cultural degradation and attack on the “American way of life” is really picking up. The fact that prominent liberals are now under attack suggests that the agenda is simply to discredit everyone, insinuating that our country is corrupt beyond redemption. The statement is clearly “this corruption knows no party bounds; all of America is rotten”. The Social Compact and common decency that has united Americans of all stripes in the past is being rapidly eroded.
  • The series of shooting we have experienced all have extremely suspicious circumstances. The official narratives of Vegas and Texas are genuine as a three dollar bill. Something is happening to create either conditioning for fear, erosion of gun laws and rights, or both.
  • The Trump presidency is under serious assault. The left and many Republicans as well want Trump impeached or worse. CNN, MSNBC, and others have been trumpeting the “mentally incompetent” argument for months but are gaining no traction. Is a set-up with conjured up “Obstruction of Justice” charges next? Dianne Feinstein certainly thinks so, constitutional crisis be hanged. And the pundits in the mainstream media are already implying with Flynn in the bag Trump is finished. The welfare of the country is secondary to political objectives in the minds of some.
  • It is curious that the Russian Uranium One scandal has been pushed off of even the back pages of the news. Is the mainstream media trying to obfuscate for their liberal queen again? The Bears of Russia, though still a very real threat (but not in the way the media seems to portray), seem to be forgotten in the hysteria.
  • News of North Korea, even after they just launched an ICBM 2400 miles above the earth, is not being given the proper attention. Talk to any local military man and they can tell you about the national mobilization of our forces and Orders of Battle under which our Pacific fleet is sailing. With World War Three potentially on the horizon, do we really care what kind of offensive Christmas present Matt Lauer was giving to office staff? Where is the coverage of events that could soon profoundly affect everyone’s life? Why the media sleight of hand?

Every country experiences corruption in its ranks. When America is at its best, we quietly purge such corruption wherever it is found. To display the malfeasance of a few shamelessly in front of the public, and make such singular events seem common and part of the normal course of our institutions bespeaks an insidious agenda. This endless parade of sensational events points to both obfuscation and distraction from actual critical events, also known as real news. It further supports an attack on the normalcy we seek to enjoy in our daily endeavors.

We are being systematically told to believe that little is right in America and that we are crumbling as a culture. I find that narrative offensive. Our leadership at certain levels may be lacking, and indeed Donald Trump has shone a light on the depth and breadth of the “deep state” operations that make Washington led bureaucracy difficult. Perhaps his most important task is to ensure he does not get mired in it any further. One has the distinct feeling that a cleansing is coming in future elections, and it will not be good for entrenched, do-nothing elitists occupying certain offices.  Further, we do have cultural issues in this country, but those issues are often perpetrated by the same ideologies and voices that so vociferously condemn the fruits of their liberalities. And most of those issues are still not the preference of the great majority.

All of the titillating headlines in the world cannot change the inherent goodness of the average American. That is unless we start to believe all this nonsense and change ourselves out of some irrational sense of fear. The greatest mistake any country can make is to believe that its problems can only be solved by more government, more legislation, and more infringement on the basic right in the name of security. That seems to be where this narrative is driving us. Turning us upon each other and upon those we elected to represent us. There are established and legal ways to correct any problems we may perceive. Hysteria has nothing to do with them. Let’s hope we can keep cooler heads through the hype. If we need anything at this point, it is unity, not division.

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