Sim Gill drops the bomb during the Salt City Throwdown Podcast!

Sim Gill is a pretty popular guy. He has been in the media a lot lately. From investigating issues in the West Valley City Police Department, to investigating two of our Former Attorneys General on some serious campaign finance, and public trust issues. 

But there is more to Sim Gill than what you see in the media. He is a guy who has some prolific thoughts in his writing, and some big ideas when it comes to reforming the justice system in Utah.

In this episode we talk about his background, running for District Attorney for a second term, his branding, and how he ended up having the views he does when it comes to justice and how he runs his office, and finally what it was like when Kitchen v. Herbert – Utah’s landmark Same Sex Marriage ruling came down in December, 2013.


IMG_0024 IMG_0025

We also find out what his future plans are – especially the big question of “Will he serve a full second term” or “Red Iguana vs. Bombay House”

The answers to this might surprise you.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the Salt City Throwdown Podcast brought to you by Salt Lake Comic Con.

(Note: There were some abnormalities in the recording of this episode, so this episode might sound a bit different. We have tried to fix it as much as possible, but there are still some clicks (like Adam the Keyboard Basher).

Listen to episode 29 of the Salt City Throwdown podcast.

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