Stan Lockhart: Mark Openshaw always full of excitement about education

Stan Lockhart
by Stan Lockhart

Today my friend and State School Board member Mark Openshaw perished in a plane crash. Literally last night, Mark and I were talking about flying and education in Utah. He had just gotten done baling hay and my call was a chance for him to relax after a physically exhausting day. He was so full of excitement about the future of public education in Utah. Now he is gone. His wife is gone. Two children are gone. I’m in shock and heartbroken.

Facing my wife Becky’s death is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Now all those feelings and emotions come back to me as Mark and his family have perished.

My heart aches. I pray that God will comfort Mark’s family, friends and loved ones and that they will feel His tender mercies. At times like this, trusting God is really all we can do. He knows all. He will provide.

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