Starbucking the Democrats

If 21 months before an election you don’t believe your candidate’s platform is strong enough to win an election with independent candidates, you might want to rethink who you support.”

— Mark Cuban

by Harry Caines

Until the other day, I had absolutely no idea who Howard Schultz was. The first headline I saw regarding his possible independent campaign to become the President of the United States did not mention him being the two time former CEO of Starbucks.

When  I found out he was the man from the company that drew up the business model on how to destroy small, independently owned cafes, I immediately said to myself, “Pass.”

Starbucks is not evil, it is just hypocritical. Under Schultz’s leadership, Starbucks branched out from its Seattle base and popped up stores practically everywhere. I remember a stand-up routine from Janeane Garafalo from the 1990s where she dryly jokes that Starbucks was opening a store in her kitchen. Even today in the quiet hamlet of Logan, Utah, there are two Starbucks on Main Street and a third in a supermarket in the center of town.

Also, Starbucks decided the rules regarding certification for Fair Trade were too stifling; so they invented their own. They do this with authenticating their coffee branding, as well.

Starbucks is a corporate entity that is not satisfied with being Number One. They do all they can to make sure no coffee brand is Number Two.

Starbucks sucks.

It says much of the delusional vanity of billionaires like Howard Schultz, Michael Bloomberg, et al that they believe their vast wealth and personal success makes them ordained “presidential” simply because they exist.

Still, I am approachable. I will allow Schultz to make his case why I should vote for him, despite my embedded prejudice toward the tyrannical company he ran. If only everyone was as tolerant as me.

I spent most of the day of the announcement seeing how Howard Schultz debuted as a possible candidate. I infringed on my dignity long enough to watch the three major 24/7 news channels to view how Schultz was presented to the nation.

On the American Left’s propaganda channels, CNN and MSNBC, Schultz was a moderate who would siphon votes away from the Democratic nominee—whomever that may be—and ensure the re-election of Donald Trump.

One after another paid partisan panelists cried havoc that Schultz was doing the bidding of The Great Satan, aka Trump. No talk of whether Schultz had a viable message. No discussion of whether the Democratic Party is so far left that a man like Schultz felt it necessary to run an independent campaign to allow his center-left ideology a shot at winning the White House. The only concern was for the horse race and whether Schultz was a Vichy Democrat.

And Trump’s communications office, Fox News? They mostly called Schultz an entitled hypocrite; and then they made fun of how the hysterical leftists on the other networks acted, ummm, hysterically.

It simply did not matter if Schultz is an attractive candidate with a message that could be embraced by Americans. All that matters is beating Trump. I understand that. I want Trump removed from office. But, I am convinced the current Democratic Party will not nominate someone who is moderate (RE: sane) enough to win.

I am in “wait and see” mode. Democrats are not. They trampled on each other to get on CNN and MSNBC to tell America that Howard Schultz will bring about Armageddon. 21 months before the next presidential election, and Howard Schultz has rung the death knell that will lead to the demise of everything.

The Democrats have seen The End, and his name is Howard.

Unless you are a successful owner of a small coffeehouse, Howard Schultz is no danger to you. The Democrats should have kept their mouth shut this week and let Schultz slide back into anonymity. But they panic at the slightest indication that the Collective in endangered. Mistake.

For now, let us ignore that we are 11 months away from the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary. And I willing—somewhat—to avoid this column from becoming another “Harry hates Twitter” polemic.  Instead, allow me to point out how Howard Schultz brought to the fore an issue that I think could very well doom the Democratic Party in 2020.

The litany of Democrats that are, or are planning, to seek the White House in 2020 are being forced to kneel at the altar of socialism. To succeed in Democratic politics, a candidate will be forced to extoll a trillion dollar scheme for Medicaid-for-all, the New Green Deal…which will put an undue burden on Middle America, an immigration policy that pretty much will let anyone into America, and a host of other far left ideologies that might be admirable, but will cost more money than the U.S. Government can collect.

The only answer Democrats offer as to how America can afford this is “Tax the Rich!”.

Does it matter that this simplistic idiom has no success in countries much smaller and less politically diverse as America?

The answer is obviously “nyet!”

Some of you may think socialism is just another word for communism. They are quite similar but different in subtle ways. Allow me to use an analogy to the film “The Godfather” to explain why communism and socialism are different.

Communism is Santino Corleone. Hot-tempered, irrational and quick to use violence to make enemies capitulate to its will. Kill all your enemies and deal with the ramifications later.

Socialism is the second son, Fredo Corleone. Well-intentioned, big-hearted, loving to all, but incurably dumb and weak. Fredo fails at everything and endangers all that he touches.

The current field of Democratic contenders for the White House will forget the lessons of 2016 to take the oath making them made members of the Socialism Mafia.

Trump may be an avaricious megalomaniac, but he spoke to problems that exist for enough middle-class people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin to turn those states away from Hillary Clinton. Hillary and the current Democratic contenders are deaf to this struggling class.

The edict is lucid. Learn how to be a socialist, or forget having a future as a politician in the Democratic Party. Currently, there is no Choice C. And as much as I abhor Donald Trump and Trumpism, I simply do not believe the Democrats are better. I will look for a third party candidate.

I voted for the Democratic nominee for president in 2012 and 2016. I am now turning away from their radicalism in the shadow of 2020. I doubt Howard Schultz will get my vote, but I will lend him my ear. I am one just one American, but I willing to bet much that many are like me. And that is why the Democrats are terrified.

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