State of Disunion

By David Rogers

February was a very difficult month for Democrats. It began with President Trump’s State of the Union address in early February. After delivering an inspiring and visionary address, the type of speech that “holds a mirror up” to that which makes America special, Nancy Pelosi responded with the “rip heard ‘round the world”. The petulant tearing up of the text of the speech while rising from the Speaker’s chair in front of the cameras was meant to come across as an act of principled defiance. Instead, it was the first salvo in an ever eroding fusillade of Democrat incompetence.

Trump’s speech reflected much of what has indeed made America great over the years. He opened a window into our past, marked by better, more bi-partisan and cooperative times and outlined a hopeful future. Who would not celebrate the accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen? Who is opposed to plummeting unemployment rates? The Democrats apparently. Pelosi’s message indeed reverberated loudly. She stated unequivocally that unless things are done her way, the Progressive Democrat way, there will be no quarter given. And subsequent events confirm this.

Just a day later Trump was cleared from the fabricated impeachment sham. Pelosi cried foul, but few in the American mainstream were buying the lame protests of “injustice” so the complaining ceased, but not without threats of more impeachment proceedings on “new” issues. That has not played well with the undecided voters either, so again, ensuing silence

Then the Democrat primaries began and Mike Bloomberg bought his way onto the stage. If early February started out poorly for the Pelosi-Schumer contingency, it ended even worse for them and most of the powers in the Democratic National Committee. Stumbling to the stage was an old, weak-hearted but dangerous Communist, a billionaire Elitist who used to be a Republican, a delusional lawyer who thinks she is a Native American and the Mayor of Nowheresville. Oh, and the former Vice President who is so increasingly senile he can rarely finish a complete, coherent sentence or remember which city he is in. What a compelling lineup!

The Iowa and New Hampshire primaries were an unmitigated disaster as Bernie Sanders nearly won Iowa (thanks to some heroic last-minute finagling for Buttigieg) and ran away with New Hampshire. Somewhere in the vicinity of Washington, D.C, the ground is shaking as Tom Perez and the rest of the DNC faithful are quaking in their boots. Sanders is not a Democrat and is not the candidate that Perez and the powers-that-be want to see standing in November. He would be obliterated by Trump and, even if should he win by some miracle, would not toe the company line of mainstream Democrat platforms and policies.

South Carolina helped resurrect Biden’s flagging campaign despite the incessant screaming and counter-sniping that defined the debates. If Trump is adolescent with his tweets, this group of Democratic candidates is downright infantile. At least Bloomberg got a few good shots in on Sanders, territory few of the other debaters were wont to go. It is interesting that the top Socialist in the country has three expensive homes and is worth millions, despite not having a steady, public service paycheck until he was into his fifties.

As the month drew to a close, news of the Coronavirus began to shake the markets and what did the Democrats do? They rejoiced! As over ten percent of the nation’s wealth began to evaporate just on fears of what a pandemic might do to the country, chief Democrats and their lapdog media cheered the situation on as a chance to “watch the Trump economy implode”. Immediately politicizing a deadly virus that originated in China just to belittle Trump and have an “I told you so” moment while minimizing the damage to millions of people’s pocketbooks is not a good look. No matter which side of the aisle you are observing from.

From Pelosi’s distracting behavior and tearing up of Trump’s speech to the embracing of a severe economic downturn and numerous deaths for political purposes, the Democrats are increasingly sowing the seeds of disunion. You cannot blame these behaviors on Trump, at least not with any legitimacy. The Democrat leadership would rather see division sown among the American public versus supporting legitimate economic and social progress insofar as it might restore their policies and power base.  They will undoubtedly pay a very dear price for such nonsense in November.

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