STATEMENT: State, not federal funds, are largest source of revenue for Utah [UPH Wire]

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State, not federal funds, are largest source of revenue for Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (Dec. 19, 2014) – Marty Carpenter, spokesman for Gov. Gary R. Herbert, issued the following statement regarding a report released by the state auditor today:

“Contrary to a report released by the state auditor, federal funds are not the state’s largest single revenue source. The report lumps all federal funding into one group while breaking state funding sources into various groups. It is a misleading and unfair comparison.

“State sales and income taxes combine to bring in over $5 billion annually, a number that grows to approximately $6 billion when adding in state gas and corporate taxes. When you include other sources of state revenue such as restricted funds and fees, the state collects approximately $9 billion. When considered together, state funding sources far outweigh federal funding.

“Utah is not increasing its dependence on federal funds. In fact, Utah ranks consistently among the lowest states in the nation for federal spending.

“Utahns pay both federal and state tax and, though we would prefer not to send so much money to Washington, D.C. in the first place, bringing it back and putting it to work for the benefit of the people of our state is what we should all expect of our elected officials.”

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