Statement from Utah Senator Aaron Osmond on withdrawing from UCAT presidential appointment [UPH Wire]

November 23, 2015
SALT LAKE CITY – Today, Utah State Senator Aaron Osmond (R-South Jordan)
withdrew his name from consideration for President of the Utah College of
Applied Technology, and issued the following statement.
“After careful consideration of a counter-offer from my current employer, I
have made the difficult decision to withdraw my name from the confirmation
process for President of the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT).
This decision does not come as a result of any doubt in the UCAT system nor
of any concern that I would lack confirmation votes in the Senate. My wife
and I have taken a very careful look at both opportunities and strongly
feel that it is best for our family to move in another direction.

I have discussed the situation in detail with the current president and key
members of the UCAT Board of Trustees. While the timing of this decision is
inconvenient, they have been both patient and understanding. We are all
confident that the Board will find a suitable replacement and that the
great work of its eight campuses will continue uninterrupted by this change.

As a result of the responsibilities of my new role at Pearson, I will still
need to resign from the senate to ensure sufficient time for my family and
my new role. My resignation will be effective December 1st.
My wife and I wish to thank the UCAT Board and President, the Governor’s
office, and my senate colleagues for their support and advice throughout
this decision. We also want to recognize the great people in my senate
district who have been a so faithful, supportive, and kind to us as we have
served them. I will always be grateful for this life changing experience to
have served as their State Senator.”

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Kirsten Rappleye
Senate Majority Assistant
Utah State Senate
801-708-5121 (o)
801-505-1457 (c) <>
Ric Cantrell
Chief of Staff
Utah State Senate
801-538-1407 (o)
801-647-8944 (c)

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