Stormy waters ahead

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

How many times have we heard our friends and neighbors saying, with a bit of a sigh, “I just can’t wait for this election to be over”? That may be the most widely uttered phrase in America at the moment. There is only one problem with this wishful thinking. This election is likely only the beginning of our troubles. Whichever result we get, it will portend stormy waters ahead. How might you ask? Let’s look at the situation sans any partisan rose colored glasses.

Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the election. Forget the intervention of independents or the scenario where neither candidate reaches 273 Electoral College votes. All of the Gary Johnson or Evan McMullin candidates need to simply wake up. A vote for them is in effect a vote for Clinton. So it is either Trump or Clinton. What are the most likely outcomes encompassed in each scenario? A rational breakdown surrounding either potentiality is given below.

Trump Wins: This, believe it or not, is the most likely scenario. In Trump sanctioned private polls, looking at a legitimate cross section of all demographics, Trump pollsters are seeing numbers like 60 % to 30% Trump over Clinton. A far different reality than the mainstream media polls. Every talk show on conservative radio is full of truck drivers or other regular folks describing a nine or ten to one ratio of Trump signs to Clinton signs on display across the country, including in traditionally Democrat areas. Trump rallies have tens of thousands of people crowding arenas with thousands more waiting outside, while Clinton has a few hundred followers at best, and even has events where they have to import crowd members to appear more vibrant. The enthusiasm gap is clearly wide in favor of Trump, while clouds of corruption and controversy remain over the entire Clinton campaign.

Yet the polls and mainstream media are setting this up for a close race. The anecdotal evidence on the ground suggests otherwise. If the natural result of this seeming real enthusiasm follows, Trump wins handily, perhaps even in a landslide. However, as soon as this occurs the Soros paid agitators (as revealed in Project Veritas) will be put into motion. Expect protests and marches in every major city, with property damage and other possible violence attached. Expect the mainstream media to blame all of this organized chaos on Trump, just as it was in the primaries. None of this bodes well for the average American who just wants to get on with their lives.

Clinton Wins: This is actually the outcome sought by most of the establishment. But it is also the least likely as the Clinton charade has worn thin on many Americans, even traditional Democrats. We have seen Republicans and Democrats alike united against Trump simply because they do not want the special interest gravy train to be slowed or stopped. But there is a fundamental aversion building toward Clinton. Forget all of the “unfit for office” rhetoric surrounding Trump, Clinton is the candidate who would sell out traditional America with abandon. But it all comes down to who controls Washington’s purse strings. The “drain the swamp” mantra at Trump rallies is taken seriously by those who stand to lose if Trump is actually serious about his platform. No one in Washington can take that chance, especially knowing Clinton would keep the gravy train rolling. Despite the huge unfavorables against her, Clinton somehow pulls this out. The win is attributed to a strong minority turnout, a better ground game, etc., etc.

If this is the case, Trump will almost certainly sue and demand an investigation into voter fraud, claiming a fixed election. He will refuse to accept the results of the election, and he will have justifiable means to do so. He will compare the collusion of mainstream polls and mainstream media against his privately funded results. Bev Harris and the discoveries will be referenced. All of the problematic evidence of machines flipping votes will need to be investigated. Illegals and deceased persons showing up to vote will be documented and cited.

The establishment and mainstream media will team up to demonize Trump, claiming he is upsetting the natural democratic process and is exhibiting a power hungry desire to overthrow the Republic. They will blame an impending constitutional crisis squarely on Trump, when in fact Clinton could theoretically take the oath of office in handcuffs. Under this scenario, Trump sympathizers will be joined by the paid Democrat agitators and the protests and potential violence in the streets may be magnified, as opposing groups of zealous acolytes face off across the nation.

The conclusion of this analysis is simple. The odds are high that no matter the results of Tuesday’s election, unrest is almost sure to follow. The reasons we have come to this point are many, and deserve a thorough analysis of their own. But needless to say, our political system is in turmoil, and we would be naïve to believe that Tuesday’s results will settle anything once and for all. And while the waters may be stormy now, they have the inherent potential to become much rougher ahead.

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