Study shows Utah would do well in Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies-RunAn actual honest-to-goodness study demonstrates that Utah would be a good place to be should the zombie apocalypse break out.

Utah came in 11th of the 50 states (plus DC) when it comes to states most likely to survive if the undead rose to eat brains in real life. What really Utah’s ratings was the physical fitness of the population (2nd), and the popularity of laser tag (2nd).

Now there are other factors that they could have included that might have helped, like our perchant for food storage or our wide-open deserts. What hurts Utah is its lack of veterans (49th) or martial artists (43rd).

What’s eye-opening about this study is that it shows that Georgia, home state of The Walking Dead, is accuarately portrayed as being terrible at it. They make the bottom five with New York, DC, Mississippi, and worst of all, New Jersey.

The top five are Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico. Below are the complete results. Enjoy! (Click on chart to enlarge)


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