Sutherland Institute statement on SCOTUS same-sex marriage arguments [UPH Wire]

The following can be attributed to Bill Duncan, director of Sutherland’s Center for Family and Society.

Sutherland Institute is encouraged that the oral arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court today allowed the Court to hear a robust defense of core principles. First, that marriage is more about connecting mothers, fathers and children than about the government giving a seal of approval to adult choices. Second, that the right of people of the states to determine this consequential issue is fundamental and should not be infringed.

Based solely on the questions asked by the justices, it’s impossible to tell what the final outcome will be. Some justices seemed to endorse the idea that marriage is just a way for adults to express themselves. Others strongly disputed the idea that retaining the virtually universal understanding of marriage is irrational.

One theme emerged strongly in the arguments — ideas matter and when the government endorses the idea that marriage is solely about adult desires, that endorsement will have consequences.

We are pleased that the justices were able to hear strong arguments for marriage. We hope they will have the wisdom to allow the people of states to continue to retain the understanding of marriage that respects
children’s entitlement to a married mother and father.

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