From Anti-Common Core to Pro-Common Core to Whatever

What a journey HB342 has taken this session. Anti-Common Core When HB342 was first released the education community freaked and those opposing the Common Core rejoiced.  The bill would have required the State Board of Education to revise the core standards in the next two years.  This bill generated a giant fiscal note (standard creation and adoption is expensive).  There was also an incredibly uncomfortable public meeting between Rep. Layton and the State Board of Education. Flash forward to committee. Pro-Common Core Right before HB342 was to be heard in…

HB105 and Reasonable Hope

This is Addie.  She’s cute, huh?  What you don’t know from looking at this picture is Addie has epilepsy.  Epilepsy causes her seizures several times a day that drastically affect her quality of life.  Addie and her family are asking the legislature for something this year.  They are asking for hope. HB105 passed the House this week in front of a gallery of purple wearing families.  They cheered, then cried.  These families looked like our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues at work – because they are; and despite what you…

The Strangest of Bedfellows

It has been said that politics makes the strangest of bedfellows. Every once in a while during the session the universe seems to tilt. Legislators who are fierce opponents join together for the passage or defeat of a bill. This last week saw Sen. Deidre Henderson and Sen. Jim Dabakis join sides in opposition to a bill related to the NSA center in Bluffdale.  Sometimes it is not just legislators, but lobbies.  

The Fundamental Flaw in Education Funding [Utah Moms Care]

Capitol at night

In 1996 Utahns made a mistake. Recently Representative Stephen Handy wrote an editorial on “How We Might Prove That Education Funding Is Our Top Priority.” He proposes a tax shift of 10% from the state’s General Fund to the Education Fund.  This would be done through the state’s SUCCESS program which aims to lower government spending.  I applaud his out of the box thinking as well as his desire to truly make education a top priority. But here’s the problem: education funding in Utah is a shell game.