Air quality bills of the 2016 Utah Legislature

A recurring theme every Utah legislative session is air quality. The session usually ends up running around the same time as an inversion along the Wasatch Front making the issue front and center in everyone’s mind. Here’s a quick roundup of the legislation attempting to do more about it.   HB87: Clean Fuel Conversion Amendments Sponsor: Rep. Stephen Handy This bill extended credits for energy efficient vehicles, but it also goes further in creating a new fund for converting existing vehicles to using cleaner fuel sources. This fund will start…

Fix the air! (Unless I personally have to do something)

Few things are more frustrating than an electorate that says they want something but won’t do a thing to accomplish it. Lately, that thing is now air quality. At various meetings of the Department of Air Quality, opponents of a burn ban on bad air quality days vastly outnumbered supporters. Vehicle miles traveled continues to increase as Utahns drive more than ever. And yet, like the swallows returning to Capistrano, every winter brings in fresh complaints about how much the air sucks. Yes, it’s really easy to just blindly blame…

I love the Wasatch Front, but I have to leave it

I love the Salt Lake City area. When my wife and I got married, we were living in different cities, Sacramento and Las Vegas, respectively. We decided to relocate to Salt Lake City to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the vibrant community, and the number of friends and family we had in the area. Over nine years later, I still love it, but I have to leave it.

How to Ultimately Fix the Air Quality in Utah

Air Quality Better Anyone who has to deal with asthma or any of the multitudes of other respiratory illnesses can tell you that the air quality here in Utah is an issue.  Even those individuals who don’t have any health issues can just look outside on an inverted afternoon and practically taste the poor air quality.  However, when we look out at the valley on those dreaded “red” days, we all make the inevitable assumption that the air quality is much worse today than it was when we were growing…

Clean air policy is coming together, but with a bunch of small changes

It would be hard to say that the legislature isn’t taking some interest in air quality issues. In this session, there’s no fewer than 15 open bills and resolutions addressing various aspects of air quality in our state. If you’re expecting sweeping legislation, though, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Most of these deal with very specific changes that, while good, aren’t hugely transformative on their own. Here’s a run-down of what some of these are seeking to do.