Bernick and Schott on Politics – Episode #235 [video]

The Utah GOP continues their efforts to find a way around SB54. Will they eventually give in? Also, Gov. Gary Herbert and legislative leaders go to Washington, D.C. to negotiate with the feds on Medicaid expansion. Do they have enough time to meet their self-imposed July 31 deadline? Also, Salt Lake City residents don’t like the new high-tech parking meters in the city, but they give high marks to the city’s police department. Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott run down the week in Utah politics.

How Much Debt Does Utah Have?

How much debt does Utah actually have? And how will that debt affect Utah’s ability to fund important priorities in coming years?  Utah’s historical measure of its general obligation debt is higher than average for states with a AAA debt rating, but other liabilities might raise it higher still.  Only prudent policy will allow Utah to plan for the future.   Did you know that the Utah Constitution imposes constitutional limits on the amount of debt the state can carry? From Article XIV, Section 1: To meet casual deficits or failures in…