Border Insecurities

“Every place a wall has been built, illegal immigration has declined. These caravans are going to keep forming, they’re going to keep coming as long as the Democratic leadership continues to negotiate on the wall and refuses to close the loopholes that cause these people to come to the country in the first place.” – Former ICE Director Thomas Homan on Fox News. The recent Presidential address outlining a “crisis at the border” has the entire country abuzz and divided on what actually constitutes proper border security. Last fall, an…

Want to Fix the Immigration Problem? First Fix Our Outdated Laws [Hub Debate]

While there has rightly been a lot of concern about the plight of tens of thousands of children along the US/Mexico border, the debate seems to come down to how to make the border more secure. That certainly is one important part of the immigration debate, but instead of asking how we can effectively fortify 1,945 miles of inhospitable border, we should be asking why so many people are trying to cross it at all costs instead of immigrating to the United States through the proper channels.