Senator Mike Lee defends the earmark ban

Scattered around the country there are more than 1,300 Superfund Sites. These are areas where significant pollution exists and where (usually) no one is legally responsible for cleaning it up. Most of these sites are isolated, are buffered from the larger environment by natural or man-made coverings, and pose no threat to the surrounding populace (if any). The Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of these sites, and in the fullness of time is supposed to get around to cleaning them up. (The times will be very full indeed at…

Time to Reverse the Trend of Police Militarization [Hub Debate]

The facts around the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson are almost beside the point by now. The news that has trickled out has yet to tell the whole story, but that incident is just the catalyst for the illustration of another problem that we’ve known has been growing for years, but maybe Ferguson, MO, is the tipping point that will reverse the trend of the militarization of police.