BUZZ: CMV and SB54 supporters close to compromise

The word on the street, and on KSL News Radio, is that County My Vote and the legislators behind SB54 are close to a compromise that would allow an alternative path to the ballot and remove the petition requirement in CMV’s initiative language. According to reports on KSL, the compromise would retain the caucus/convention system, but also allow an alternative path to the primary ballot that requires 28,000 signatures for statewide positions and 7,000 for Congressional elections. The report said discussions are ongoing and the number are still in flux,…

Look! Shiny things! The Mitt Romney Factor and CMV

“Look! Shiny things!” In their quest to demonstrate the “will of the people,”  Count My Vote’s  Mike Leavitt, former Utah Governor and former US Secretary of Health and Human Services, sent an email announcing Mitt Romney’s support. Waiving the spectre of a scripted interaction by sending a screen shot rather than a press release, (and likely violating Federal “CAN-SPAM” laws), one has to ask: What is the political strategy behind a screen shot email? Why would Count My Vote not just send a press release? Does Count My Vote really…

Complaint against CMV signatures filed

Even after the blows rained on County My Vote (“CMV”) by the passage by the Utah Senate of the nullifying SB54, the enemies of Utah’s nomination system seemed poised to strike back. CMV promised to unleash an onslaught of media coverage labeling the Utah Legislature as something akin to jackbooted Nazis, invoking Godwin’s law all on their own. Meanwhile, the other boot was about to drop.

The Simple, The Complex, and The Convoluted – How Candidates’ Names Make Their Way to the Ballot

It seems it would be simple for a person to decide to run for office, and then for their name to appear on the ballot – and in some cases it is, but that is not the rule.  Here is a quick run down of the simple, the complex and the just plain convoluted ways by which candidates’ names appear on the ballot in Utah.

Curt Bramble, SB54 and CMV

Friday morning, Senator Curt Bramble presented SB54, officially titled “Elections Amendments” in the Senate Business and Labor committee. This bill, which I support, has been in the news lately as a legislative fix to concerns with the caucus/convention system and as an alternative to Count My Vote, a proposal that many say is sloppy and flawed. Senator Bramble said that according to CMV promoters, their goal is to increase voter participation.  Bramble took them at their word and drafted a bill that is designed to increase voter participation in several…