PacifiCorp & Wasatch Wind’s Action Extend Into Wyoming And Utah’s Lands Bill

With the filing of the complaint with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) against PacifiCorp which outlines many incidents of  alleged illegal behavior in San Juan County that involves Wasatch Wind/Latigo it makes this story out of Wyoming even more interesting. According to the report Wasatch Wind seems to be having problems in Wyoming or are they?  It doesn’t appear that Wasatch Wind is building much anywhere they just keep getting extensions, asking for tax abatement,  and creating the illusion of  developing a wind farm.   Maybe that is because they are…

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The EPA Rule on Ozone Levels and the Intermountain West

The EPA Rule on Ozone Levels Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency (the “EPA”) published an administrative rule that requires states to lower atmospheric ozone levels to 60-70 parts per billion. For states in the Intermountain West, where the level of naturally occurring ozone (or “background concentrations”) routinely reaches 60 – 75 ppb, it’s going to be tough to comply. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-led research, it’s not a problem limited to inversion prone valleys like Salt Lake and Cache. “We expected we were going to see intrusions big enough, individual events, which would…

Success of America’s Drug War

With Colorado following other states in legalizing marijuana it has raised a lot of concerns with folks thinking this will lead to a social decline in values along with an increase in crime and drug abuse.  How much of this concern is based on facts or is it just propaganda?  Let’s look at the cost of the drug war as well as some factual information from other countries showing what happened when they legalized drugs.

Is the State Tree Bill Dead?

Is the State Tree Bill Dead? Maybe. We are hearing that the Blue Spruce may not end up being named the state tree after all. Why? Because the Blue Spruce is also known as the “Colorado Spruce” Once again proving those pot legalizing, gun hating hippies* from Colorado are again trying to infiltrate our state. By the way, might we recommend following @UtahSpruce on Twitter.   Note: The UPH team knows not everyone from Colorado smokes weed, and hates guns. Just most of them.