Ten Utah Races To Watch On Primary Night

Early voting in the Utah Primary ends today, and the Primary Election will be on Tuesday, June 24. With no statewide or federal offices grabbing headlines, it might be easy to forget that there’s a primary at all. But there is, and here’s ten races that you should keep your eyes on. 

Ten Observations On Who Made The State School Board Cut

Ten interesting observations on which candidates made the Nominating and Recruiting Committee’s latest cut for state school board: 1.     All incumbents are moving forward at this point, though that does not mean they are out of danger of being eliminated. 2.     Every candidate in District 6 will be interviewed. 3.     In District 5 all male candidates made it through, but only two of the eleven women did. (This may be due to many, but not all, of the women candidates from that district belonging…