BUZZ: Governor Announces State School Board Candidates

Today Governor Herbert announced the candidates for the State School Board.  Candidates for the Board are vetted through a nominating and recruiting committee, then selected by the Governor.  The following candidates will be appearing on the ballot in November: District 1 David L Clark Terryl Warner (incumbent) District 2 Spencer F Stokes Willard Z Maughan District 3 Michael G. Jensen (incumbent) Linda Hansen District 5 Mark Bouchard Laura Collier Belnap District 6 Dan Griffiths (incumbent) Brittany Cummins District 9 Joylin Lincoln Heather Groom (incumbent) District 14 Mike Miles Mark Huntsman

Votes for Elimination: State School Board Candidates Totals and Observations

The Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee met this week and interviewed the remaining candidates for State School Board. Following the interviews the committee members ranked their choices, with 1 being the highest.  The candidates with the lowest totals were moved forward.  On the spreadsheet below, those struck through were not sent on to the Governor. In years past there has been significant speculation of block voting, with those directly representing education voting together, and business interests voting together.  I was curious to see if this year that same block voting…