By the Numbers, DST is the Simplest Approximation of Natural Time [Hub Debate]

Our bodies internal clock synchronizes with sunrise; Daylight Savings Time averages out mechanical 24 hour clock time with the seasonal sunrise shift. Our time zones and common time are a political decision based on how we want to run our society, not some mandate of nature. Changing our common time from Mountain Daylight Time causes confusion. What is time? This is not a philosophical discussion, but a good place to start as we consider changing the way Utah keeps time. Prior to computers, watches and railroads, time came from the…

Sticking with Daylight Saving Time is the Sensible Choice [Hub Debate]

We’re debating whether Daylight Saving Time should end. Learn more about it here. If you’d like to contribute a post, send it It appears that just like clockwork, it is time for another hullabaloo around whether Utah should keep Daylight Saving Time or not. While the vast majority of those who answered a state-sponsored survey voted to eliminate DST, there are three reasons why this is less optimal than sticking with what we already have.