79 things I learned from the 2nd presidential debate

Before the presidential debate even began, Donald Trump held a press conference with Juannita Brodderick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey, all alleged victims of Bill Clinton, from rape to harassment. It was like the Drudge 1990’s were finally getting their revenge. You could see Steve Bannon gleeful on the sidelines as reporters entered the room and realized what was happening. Kathy Shelton was also there, who was 12 when she was assaulted. Hillary Clinton was the public defense attorney for her attacker. I had been thinking of having some of…

52 things I learned from the vice-presidential debate

Let’s see how the Battle of the Bland Dads Vice-Presidential Debate goes. 1. Heh. Moderator Elaine Quijano starts out by name-dropping Lloyd Bentsen, reminding all of us that a VP debate could contain an eternal moment. 2. Kaine’s humbled to be here. So’s Pence. These two seem so gosh-darn reasonable. 3. Kaine asked to defend Hillary’s trustworthiness; Pence asked to defend Trump’s insults. 4. Kaine interrupts Pence three times. Looks like this is the new normal. Whoever interrupts more is seen as the winner. 5. Kaine has a few zingers…

Presidential debate hangover

As we look around the room and clean up the mess left by our first presidential debate, the events of Monday night conjure reflection. It must be remembered that politics is simply the institutional personification of a set of values. These values, in an ideal world, are translated into public policy. We have an upcoming national election. Perhaps the most important election in generations. On Monday we had our first opportunity to hear the two main candidates duke it out. My only response: my head hurts. The Lester Holt orchestrated…

Don’t worry; Donald Trump will not win the GOP nomination

I’ve started ten different stories on Donald Trump over the past month that I couldn’t bring myself to finish or publish. Do I give him more publicity than he’s already receiving? Eh, why not. The latest Iowa Republican caucus poll (KBUR/WAA) has Trump in 7th place, with 7% of the vote. Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are all ahead of him. Put another way, 93% of Iowans polled did not pick Trump. This is also down from how he performed in Quinnipiac’s…

Jason Chaffetz destroys Brian Wonnacott in UT-03 debate

Republican Jason Chaffetz is the incumbent congressman representing Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. Brian Wonnacott is his Democratic challenger. The two men debated on October, 7, 2014, at UVU. What happened was the most lopsided political debate I have ever seen. Chaffetz was focused prepared, confident and on-message. Wonnacott was the opposite of all those things. This should spur interest in future Democrats into running, because there are so many people who could have done a better job. I could have registered as a Democrat the night before and done zero…

Chris Stewart v Luz Robles: Utah’s 2nd Congressional District Debate [Video]

Chris Stewart v Luz Robles: Utah's 2nd Congressional District Debate

It’s Chris Stewart v Luz Robles, folks. In case you missed the debate, we’ve got it for you below.  The Utah First Congressional District met its candidates last week (September 25, 2014). In a debate hosted by the Utah Debate Commission, Republican Rep. Chris Stewart and Democrat State Senator Lus Robles met for an hour to debate on broadcast television. Find the video, as provided by KSL, below.

Bishop v McAleer: Utah First Congressional District Debate [Audio]

It’s Bishop v. McAleer, folks. In case you missed the debate, we’ve got it for you–or at least the audio version–below.  The Utah First Congressional District met its candidates last night (September 23, 2014). In a debate hosted by the Utah Debate Commission and moderated by Ken Verdoia, Republican Rep. Rob Bishop and Democrat Donna McAleer met for an hour to debate on broadcast television. Find the audio, as provided by KCPW, below.  

The Militarization of the Tolerance Police

Earlier this week I sent out a tweet highlighting the fact that somebody at BYU messed up and put cards celebrating same sex marriage out in the BYU Store. Similar to other mixups that have occurred at the University over the years (like the run on a vending machine selling caffeinated Coke last year), I found humor in the situation. Others didn’t, to the point that it actually hit the mainstream media.