BUZZ: Kirk Jowers leaving Hinckley Institute for doTERRA

In a email this morning, Kirk Jowers announced his departure from the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics. He will be joining doTERRA as the VP of Corporate Relations, effective June 30. Jason Perry will step in at the Hinckley Institute as interim director. Here is Jower’s email: Dear Friends, It has been an absolute joy to serve as the Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics for the past 10 years. My most enduring memories will be of the incredible people involved with this great institute: first and foremost, the…

Why all the hype about Utah?

As I was surfing the internet this weekend, I came across a rah rah article for Utah. We hear these kudos all the time. We are a State that focuses on economic growth and not raising taxes. If you are Utah’s public policy makers, this kind of article reinforces a belief that they are on the right track. Yet if you are to believe naysayers, namely reader comments in our local media, you would get the exact opposite view of our State. Who is right?