Reyes at the Tenth Circuit: Why We Don’t See More Kindness in Politics

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes went out of his way to be kind to his opponents. They took advantage of the opportunity to mock and ridicule him and his intent, even while ignoring his empathy and the tough position that defending the law requires. In the short few months since Judge Shelby flipped Utah law on its head, same-sex marriage activists have proven to have all the subtlety of a brick thrown through a window in the dead of night. Followed by drunk carousing while the occupants of the house…

What do attacks on the religious say about America and free speech? [Publius Online]

The following is an op-ed I wrote that was published by KSL.  SALT LAKE CITY — With the Human Rights Campaign’s tactic of attacking supporters of Amendment 3 for their religious convictions, we have seen an ugly shift toward divisive politics over civil discourse. Last week, Fred Sainz of HRC attacked Gene Schaerr, Utah’s lead counsel in the Amendment 3 appeal, for Schaerr’s privately expressed religious convictions.