An open letter to Mia Love

Dear Representative Love, First off, let me just say, I get it. Campaign season will wear anyone down – and in October, things tend to get a little crazy. But I must admit I am more than a little confused by your premature proclamation that the that Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has said that your “campaign was legally allowed to raise primary-election contributions and that [you] may retain all primary-election contributions [you] received before the date of the Convention.” only for us to discover that the FEC has made no…

Doug Owens Accused of FEC Violation by Utah GOP

The HubCap Spin | Love or Owens: Who Wins the Race for Congressional District 4?

With his campaign ads just barely hitting the airwaves, Utah Democrat Doug Owens has already solicited controversy. A complaint filed with the FEC by Utah Republican Party Executive Director Julian Babbitt accuses Doug Owens and the Owens for Congress campaign of violating Federal Elections Commission regulations. According to the complaint, those regulations require that the candidate’s approval of the campaign advertisement for at least four seconds, but the advertising only shows his approval for two seconds. The complaint is embedded below. You can find the recently released ads on Fec Complaint against Doug Owens