Ferguson and the Rise of the Police State [Hub Debate]

The local news and internet sites have been rife with images that taken independently seem a matter of course. However, looked at cumulatively a different story might emerge. The images are of men and material of an increasingly military nature being acquired by law enforcement agencies across the country. The events in Ferguson, Missouri over the last week might be illustration number one of a shifting future of law enforcement in America Traditionally, the policeman has been an admirable position in American society. The baby boom generation of the fifties…

The Dystopian Realities of Unprofessionalism [Hub Debate]

When a profession adheres to strict standards of conduct, everyone wins. It’s good for the members of the profession and those that need to use their services. When a profession spends more time in a near-unconditional defense of its members, however, it’s a sign that things have taken a very dangerous turn for the worst. It’s often a cultural problem with no easy remedy. And it is pervasive in policing today.