Top Three Lobbyists in Utah [Poll Results]

Foxley and Pignanelli

The results are in for  our 100% unscientific, but fully “official” Utah Politico Hub poll on Utah’s top lobbyist. If we can learn nothing from what an non-scientific, non-statistically relevent, online poll, it’s that our readers believe that the best lobbyists in Utah are come in twos. And the top three lobbyists are: Doug Foxley and Frank Pignanelli:Not only do Doug and Frank get our official nod as Utah’s top lobbyists, but they get a nod for their willingness to poke fun at themselves as well. Chris Kyler and Mike…

VOTE: Who is Utah’s top lobbyist?

Capitol at night

We asked; you nominated. Now it’s time to vote: Who is Utah’s top lobbyist?